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About Malang Digital Core

Malang Digital Core is the first Co-working Space dan Tech Incubator in Malang. We focus our investment on early stage startups related to communication, media, and technology sectors. we run 120 acceleration program to bring startups from ideas to awesome products.

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Co-Working Space

Co-working space is a newest concept in creating awesome startups where people with different creative skills could come together in a common environment and encourage each others. In MDC, we sincerely believe in giving a good environment will increase the work performances of each startups.

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Accelerator Program

You could apply our Accelerator Program where you will be put in 120 days Incubation period. During these period, you will receive mentorship and training by experienced and successful startup mentors so that your startup could running in no time

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Networking Access

In MDC, we also provide you with the best network access available where you could show off your awesome startups to Angel Investor and VC accross the industry

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Abundant Resources

So many resources will be available at your disposal to make your startup successful. In MDC, we will help you with state-of-the-art technology advices and administartions help, so that you could focus solely on the success of your startups